Faisal Shine

Our Faisal Shine Brand includes all metal products either roofing sheets or roofing accessories. The name Shine demonstrates and defines itself as shining cause all metallic products are having their unique sparkle on scratching it. The property of shining of metals defines the brand Faisal Shine.

Profile Sheet

roof decking sheet (DS-953)



turbo ventilator

box type louver

gable flashing

PUF Sheet

PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet

Curved Roofing Sheet

Industrial Roofing Sheet

UPVC Roofing Sheet

Rain Water Gutter

Roof End Trim

Corner Flashing

Roof Cleat

roofing fastener

roof clip

NLC roof sheet

apron flashing

profile ridge

down take pipe


bison board

ridge ventilator

rockwool insulation

fiber glasswool insulation WMVPR

aluminium foil

PEB fabrication and installation

Metal Roofing Sheet

Bare Galvalume Metal Sheet