It was just the start on the late 90’s and many of the entrepreneurs were emerging on various business fronts. It was the time when india was evolving, this was the time when the nation was looking to play straight with the big boys in the world and their so-called league of nations.

Our country is blessed with so many bright minds that many major businesses were born in this era. New technical advancements were invented, people with dreams were starting to realize their very own potential and along with this, eventually, many of this bright sparks invented the spark within themselves.

Among them was one such adventurous personality, with a grim look on his face and dreams catching up the shadow.

The person we are talking about : Mr. Salim I Rehmani Sir, todays Managing director of FAISAL ROOFING SOLUTIONS !!

For the first time when Salim I Rehmani first came out of the house to taste the hastiness of the world to test his mettle and pursue his dreams, with Rs. 250 to hold on to & straight away left out for Mumbai.

After reaching Mumbai, he started working as a labour worker, working on cement sheets in the ‘Ever Best’ marketing company. He did struggled for a long time, but had all those dreams carved out in their eyes, they rolled up their sleeves and get on with it, despite the horrendous obstacles & numerous difficulties.

All he wanted was a window of opportunity to showcase what they have got !! they were waiting for the exact same window of opportunity. They got 25 rupees for the whole day. There were so many experts in this particular work segment.

Salim sir profoundly remembers the joy they have got, when owner of the company had given them some reward after being happy for the work they have done. Of course it was a moral boosting moment and a stepping stone towards todays ‘100 Crore’ company we know as ‘FRSIPL’.

After this testing period and analysing the overall situation, he started working towards building his own brand. They collected knowledge like a bee collects honey from the flowers !! He looked out for knowledge everywhere, always searched for definitive information that will help them improve the quality of the offerings in Roofing industry. They were looking for a revolution you could say !!

Slowly improving the details and processes , Mr. Rehmani then after 2 long years started working the contracts on his own regarding the preparation and construction of Roofing Sheets In 1995. After that along with the knowledge and expertise, They launched the ‘S.N. Roofing Company’ .

Then after it the stage was set…!! Being a devoted muslim from the begining certainly helped them realising the purpose of satisfaction his work and vocation must provide to all their customers.

With years of hard work they decided to make the call !!! He started ‘Faisal Enterprises’ after his beloved son’s name in 2006, and as was the case with many successful entrepreneurs, all they need is just a little luck along with hard work. The name ‘FAISAL’ did just that and their business blushes were expanded enormously.

With Faisal Enterprises, All types of Roofing materials were being supplied. He strongly believed in the numbers of positive organizational outcomes & also in work motivation.

“It should always be perceived as an important and relevant subject among academics and practitioners”. He said with a smile while discussing his human resource handling procedures.

Mr. Rehmani always recognized the dominance of the service sector, which is characterized by a high level of young labour force participants.

However, he strongly believed in attention to this specific group of employees in the service sector and their motivation is limited in academic research, which calls for a revisited attention towards the topic of work motivation.

“Whenever there has ever been a complex situation, whether it is the director of the company or the staff, the workers, all the people get together at Faisal roofing to resolve it.”

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