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Prefabricated Industrial Building

The construction industry comprises of three main sectors: residential, commercial, and infrastructure. Now, within the commercial sectors there are four main types:

  • 1.Industrial
  • 2.Retail
  • 3.Office
  • 4.Housing apartment

A sound roofing solution is the most important aspect of any building. Be it a warehouse, logistics, storage, office space, aviation services, or any other prefabricated industrial building, Faisal roofing solution is a reputed name in the commercial and infrastructure industry. We cater to all types of roofing needs of a prefabricated industrial building.

Let’s try to understand the nitty grittiness of a prefabricated industrial building. Well, industrial buildings are factories or large premises primarily used for manufacturing process or a warehouse for storing raw material, machinery, products etc. Many businesses require industrial to operate effectively as they are solid construction and attractive too. One of the important aspects of our prefabricated industrial building is that it’s flexible and adaptive. You get an office space with a small warehouse, logistics center or research and development center.

Now, let’s dive deep into the salient features of our prefabricated industrial sheds.

1.Light weight and strong

Quality steel used in the industrial building provides long-life protection.

2. Flexible and multipurpose

It can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a commercial shed can be converted into an office space, retail store, warehouse etc.

3.Good return on investment

The total cost of constructing an industrial building is less than the constructing brick and mortar building. It’s cost effective and takes less time to return up the initial investment.

4.Attractive and customized design

Industrial buildings are attractive and designed to incorporate wall paneling, rolling gates, and many other appealing features. They can be customized to match the client’s requirements.

5.Low maintenance

The industrial shed is made up of steel and is coated with paint thus making it resistant to corrosion and rusting. Thus, lasts longer.

Apart from attractive Industrial building, we also manufacture world-class prefabricated office building. We provide durable and versatile office spaces which are much more cost effective than the traditional types of office spaces.

The demand of prefabricated industrial building increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic period. The buying patterns of consumers have changed and the pandemic has led to the growth of e-commerce industry. Warehouses are in great demand as e-commerce companies need more space for their inventory. Let’s look into some of the applications of Prefabricated industrial building:

1.Heavy industrial building

Oil, mining, shipbuilding etc. which uses capital-intensive equipment and indulges in heavy ductwork, high power and high-capacity ventilation systems.

2.Light industrial building

They are less capital-intensive and include industries like textile, furniture, home appliance and electronic goods. Light prefabricated industrial building requires less space, power and materials.


These single- story building are mostly used for storage and transportation of goods. The ceiling are generally 60 feet high for racking and storage. They also have parking lot for trucks and trailers, large doors and loading docks.

4. cold storage

These buildings have large rooms and a temperature- controlled environment to preserve goods before distribution. They are used as distribution centers for food items like diary, meat and agricultural produce.

5. Cyber centers and web hosting facilities

These buildings are used to house computer servers and other equipment to maintain a company’s network and data. These structures include constant power supply, reinforced floors to support the heavy weight equipment and specific HVAC units to cool the machinery.


A dedicated retail space in order to show and sell the products. For example, a car dealership.

7.Bio technology labs and research centers

These buildings include labs, offices and R&D centers that test and analyze chemicals, drugs and other biological processes. They require more power and special planning to avoid contamination and spills.

Now, that we know the applications of prefabricated industrial buildings it is important to know the construction process which comprises of:


We, determine the project goals and offer proper specification, costs and design.


We offer high-quality metal building systems and ensure construction safety as hazardous materials and heavy equipment’s are used.


We inspect the facility, including foundation, electrical , ventilation and other aspects to ensure proper operation and make necessary adjustments in case of need.

The prefabricated industrial building is in trends in the recent years and it’s growing at a faster pace.