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Poultry Shed Manufacturers

A prefabricated poultry shed or poultry house is constructed to provide a healthy and hygienic habitat for the birds like chicken, ducks, turkeys, geese. These birds are raised in these sheds and houses to produce meat or eggs and then used for commercial or domestic purpose. Sometimes instead of just being sheds they are constructed like a building for housing poultry. These birds are raised in an environment-controlled condition in the prefabricated poultry shed or houses for maximum yield and produce. Faisal roofing solution has gained all the expertise as a poultry shed manufacturers. Over the years we have become the manufacturers of best in industry poultry sheds.

Poultry farming is an agriculture-based business and nowadays viewed as a full-fledged commercial poultry industry. There are three types of poultry farming:

1.Broiler poultry farming

Chickens are raised mainly for their meat

2.Layer poultry farming

Special hen species are raised for commercial egg production.

3.Country chicken farming

It involves raising local breeds of chicken that are found in a particular region.

4.Efficient and timely solution

Use of technology and computer assisted designs helps to cut down the project time and improves efficiency of the structures.

If you are planning to start poultry business look at us as the quality poultry shed manufacturers. Our poultry sheds and houses are pre-engineered in a factory- controlled environment and then sent to the actual site for assembly and installation. They are made-up high-quality steel and the sheds have small cages for housing 3-8 hens. The wall panels are made up of solid steel and the floor is made up of concrete. The floor is generally sloped to allow the feces to drop through and eggs to roll into an egg conveyer belt. We customize the size, design, layout of our poultry shed as per client’s requirement. We, as a poultry shed manufacturer are considered as trusted name in terms of strength and quality of our sheds. Apart from poultry sheds we are also renowned manufacturers of prefabricated warehouse building.

Now, coming back to the construction of poultry house let’s look at the important factors to consider.

1.location selection

A Poultry house should be away from residential and industrial area. It should be well connected to roads. Basic amenities like water and electricity should be there. It should be located at an elevated area to prevent water-logging. Cheap availability of labor should be there.


The layout should not allow outside visitors near the birds. It should allow for proper ventilation and proper spacing. The egg store room. Feed store room, office room should be located near entrance to minimize movement of people around the sheds.

3. Environmental condition

Temperature, relative humidity, ammonia level, air flow, litter moisture should be maintained at optimum level.

4. Foundation

We as poultry house manufacturers give due emphasis on the foundation of our poultry houses. Good foundation prevents seepage of water into the poultry sheds. The foundation is of concrete with 1-1.5 feet below the surface and 1-1.5 above the ground level.


The size of the house depends on the number of birds. The width of the house is around 20-25 feet for adequate ventilation. In case of environmentally controlled sheds, the width is around 40 feet as ventilation is controlled with the help of exhaust fans. The height from foundation to the roof is 6-7 feet and at center is 10-12 feet.


Our roof is made up of high-quality steel. We customize the roofing as per client’s requirements.


The overhang of the roof is up to 3.5 feet in order to prevent rainwater from entering the birds.

8. Direction of house

It should be in east- west direction to provide adequate sunlight inside the house.


It is 7-8 feet above the ground level and is hanged from ceiling. Incandescent bulbs with the distance between two bulbs are 10 feet or fluorescent lights with the interval of 15 feet is used for lighting the poultry house.

We are the best poultry house manufacturer in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Various types of poultry hoses which we manufacture are:

1.Brooder house

It is used to rear egg-type chicks from 0-8 weeks of age

2.Grower house

Used to grow egg-type birds from 9-18weeks of age.

3.Brooders cum grower house

Here birds are reared from 0-18 weeks of age.

4.Layer house

Birds over 18 weeks of age are reared up to 72 weeks of age.

5.Broiler house

Broilers are reared up to 6 weeks of age.

6.Breeder house

Here both male and female breeders are kept at appropriate sex ratio.

7.Environmentally controlled house

Environment is manipulated to achieve optimum bird’s growth.