Prefabricated Factory Shed Manufacturers – Faisal Roofing

Factory sheds are pre-engineered building which commonly have height extending 25-30 meter. Factory sheds are largely used for warehouses, manufacturing plants and workshops. A customized software is used for designing and they are constructed to be tough and reliable. Light weight steel component is used for building this structure which are also budget friendly. Future extension becomes very easy as it provides huge and clear spaces. A lot of on-site mishaps which may happen to workers can be prevented due to the prefabricated factory shed.

We are the reputed prefabricated factory shed manufacturers in Navi Mumbai and Thane. We have showed our mettle and expertise as manufactures of world class prefabricated factory sheds. Our factory sheds are widely appreciated for its quality and durability. Some of the outstanding features of our factory sheds are-

  • *Water proof, tamper proof
  • *Corrosion resistant
  • *Surface treatment coated
  • *Galvanized
  • *High tolerance towards adverse weather condition
  • *Wide layout option to fit any building specification
  • *Can be moved up and installed anywhere
  • * Reduced maintenance cost
  • *Light weight and durable steel material
  • *Immense resale value
  • *Recyclable and environment friendly
  • *Computer assisted design and use of technology

We, as prefabricated factory shed manufacturers assure standard quality all along the manufacturing process. Faisal roofing solution, follows its own self-imposed quality control regimen and a team of skilled professional. We customize client needs for roof ventilation, insulation, mezzanine floors etc.

The planning, designing, fabrication, erection, installation is done with perfection. The light weight structure is achieved by using H-section, Z-section, and U-section for connection of framework which provides durability. The fabrication of shed comprises of automatic welding and CNC cutting. The shed get support for roof and walls from purlins, Girts, Eave and Struts. We use Z-Purlin and C-Purlin, which are lightweight with high tensile strength. These abrasion, corrosion resistant Girts have its usage on the walls, Eaves and Struts and are applied at the junction of the sidewall and roof.

Well, if you are looking for prefabricated industrial buildings in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane. Faisal roofing solution is here to help. With this, we also provide ventilation systems and roofing facility.

A prefabricated shed requires a roof panel which can be chosen as per industry need. The roofing sheets use for the prefabricated factory sheds are UV protected to prevent colour loss. The sheets are unbreakable sheets which are low-flammable and impact resistant. The roofing sheets are available in variety of models such as Polycarbonate roofing sheet, Upvc roofing sheet, curved roofing sheet, industrial roofing sheet, metal roofing sheet, bare Galvalume metal sheet. If natural light is needed in the shed, then Polycarbonate roofing sheets are favorable option. They can withstand extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, making it effective for many applications. We also have a variety of roofing accessories like capping, cladding, gutters, flashings etc.

Our ventilation systems help in providing maximum exhaust of air continuously which in turn provides healthy environment inside the shed. Turbo ventilators are designed for maximum fan blade which protects from rain and dust.

Apart from being the reputed prefabricated factory shed manufacturers, we are best in manufacturing prefabricated industrial building. One of our best creations in the field of industrial building manufacturing is Pre-engineered building/PEB. We offer hi-tech solutions with highest precision to meet the structural requirements to our customers. These prefabricated industrial building are low rise buildings up to 25-30 meters. Low rise buildings are best for houses, offices, shops, warehouses, workshops, equipment housing, labour camps, petrol pumps, factories schools, service building, railway station and in many other industries. In the construction of industrial building like PEBs, foundation requirement is very less as compared to that in constructing conventional building. There is no need of welding the components with each other but they are just bolted together in the installation phase for the construction pre-engineered buildings. In this modern era, most of the clients prefer to build such kind of structures which are not only affordable but also takes less time, which can be fulfilled by prefabricated industrial buildings. These PEB building are very energy efficient, as they can be cooled or heated very easily. According to work environment, light colors can be used to reflect sun energy for summers and dark colors can be used to trap heat energy for winters.

We, at Faisal roofing solutions, possess the expertise and experience to understand and calculate the strength, stability of our pre-engineered structures. Our well qualified and dedicated team are always on their toes to achieve customer satisfaction.