Prefabricated Labor Colony - Faisal Roofing

A labor colony generally is a camp for the shelter of migratory workers working in factories, construction site or agricultural land. Faisal roofing solution has all the needed expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of labor accommodation. Our labor colonies are constructed using modern machinery and superior quality steel. We have a team of experts who customize these labor colonies as per the client’s requirements.Our project is completed on time and we offer our product at an affordable price. As the name indicates our prefabricated labor colony is pre-engineered off-site and then sent to the actual site for assembly and installation.

We offer prefabricated labor colony roof material, metal sheets, side panels etc and all our products are state -of -the art. These structures are built as per the industry models. We undertake all the quality check measures and ensure that the structure is thoroughly checked against any fault We as a prefabricated labor colony manufacturer, trader and supplier stand for innovation and quality. Some of the highlighting features of our prefabricated labor colony are:

1.Long lasting

We manufacture our structures in such a way that it lasts for more than 15 years.

2.Timely completion

We make sure that our prefabricated labor colonies are constructed on time and delivered quickly.

3.Low maintenance

Our steel structure is rust proof, weather resistant so require no maintenance.

4.Easy to install and relocate

As our steel structure are light weight it is easy to install and be moved easily from one place to another.

5.Robust and sturdy

Our structures are made from superior quality steel which makes it strong and sturdy. Our structures are thermally insulated also.

6.Environment friendly

Our steel structures can be recycled and our building materials are energy-conserving.

Apart from prefabricated labor colony, we are well known as auditorium roofing shed manufacturers. We deal with all kinds of roofing sheet, roofing accessories and roofing installation services of auditorium. We deal with both metallic and polycarbonate products. Our prefabricated labor colonies are ready to move-in structures with premium finish.

We construct a versatile range of labor colonies and are secure and comfortable spaces. The camps are designed for ease of transport and are mobile and even portable. Our prefabricated labor colony is equipped with quality doors, windows, lighting and can be further customized as per the client’s requirements. The prefabricated labor camps can be dismantled easily and can be reused and reassembled for another used at a different site. In the recent years we have become the leading manufacturers of premium quality prefabricated labor colonies in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. We have become one-of-a-kind manufacturers in the industry and involved in offering best quality pre-engineered labor colonies. We provide quick installation as when the need arises. Our units are detachable which save expenses and time as well. We use advanced, light-gauge steel framing technology in constructing our labor camps. We are a steel and Puf panel prefabricated labor colony manufacturers. Our modular, panel build prefabricated structures can be easily assembled, eco-friendly and portable. The structure is thermal insulated. The roof is paint coated to make it rust proof and weather resistant. They can be a temporary shelter or permanent dwellings as per the project.

Our experts use auto CAD and latest technology to prefabricate and customize the structures as per the client’s requirements. We employ skilled workforce to offer a high- quality labor accommodation colonies. We follow industry set norms, guidelines and local codes. Our labor accommodations are spacious with all the basic amenities. It is durable and sturdy.

Faisal roofing solutions private limited is known for a well- planned, timely execution and cost-effective prefabricated labor colonies. We are committed to customer’s satisfaction and provide them quality services. All the components of the structure are factory-made components or units and then transported to the actual site. These components and units are then assembled on-site to form labor camps.

Prefabricated structures are revolutionizing the construction industry in India. Architects and designers are incorporating modern designs and prefabricated elements in the construction process. There has been a spurt in the eco-friendly materials in the construction of prefabricated structures. Now, customers have the choice to use environmentally friendly options. The prefabricated structures can be customized to the client’s specific location and climate, thus making the prefabricated structures more flexible and modern. If you are looking for a prefabricated labor colony manufacturer, make Faisal roofing solution private limited the preferred choice. We deliver what we promise.