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prefabricated office building

The workplace scenario and office spaces in India is getting modernized. The entire work culture and the work spaces has undergone a sea change in the past few years. There is a growth in the demand of modular and prefabricated office spaces. A commercial or industrial office space which is modular and prefabricated offsite, and can be temporary or permanent in nature is called a prefabricated office building. The cost of construction is much lower than that of a conventional building. They can be used as site sales office, retail offices, school offices, warehouse, conference rooms, health care facilities etc.

Faisal roofing solutions is a fastest growing company in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane as the manufacturer of state-of-the art prefabricated office building. Our stunning prefabricated office building is made up of a panel system that allows for quick and easy installation into an existing facility or manufacturing unit. Our insulated wall panels are made up of zinc coated galvalume steel, stainless steel with PUF/EPS/ROCKWOOL/GLASSWOOL. A wide variety of design elements with superior finish and colors makes it look marvelous.

We, manufacture the prefabricated offices in a factory- controlled environment. Our specialist team design, engineer, manufacture and assemble the entire prefabricated office structure inside our unit. They are then shipped, packed and assembled and installed on-site. The panels we manufacture are sandwich panels like Gyp/Gyp which can be used in heavy industrial offices and small office as well. It is cost-effective, durable and it offers proper insulation too.

Prefabricated offices cater to the space crunch problems which many organizations face and provides a smart solution. We customize our panels according to customer’s requirements. We make fire resistant panels with high degree of durability. The walls are made up of stainless steel, embossed steel, aluminum etc. Everything is built to fit in the customer’s requirements.

Now, that we know the manufacturing process and materials used for building the prefabricated office building let’s look into some of their benefits:

1.Adaptability and flexibility

They can be altered, uninstalled to fit in customer’s space need. As they are temporary and semi-permanent in nature, the prefab office building can be easily expanded, shrinked, relocated according to organization’s space need.

2.Easy installation

Panels can be easily attached to one another and easily assembled on-site. The entire installation is quicker and helps in creating office spaces for organization which is already running and need some extra space easily.

3.Quicker deliveries

Our production process involves standardized panel and binder post systems which helps in mass production. Panels are manufactured quickly and the building can be prefabricated off-site while the project site is prepared. Thus, projects can be delivered faster and deliveries on time.

Similar to the prefabricated office building we offer state-of the art prefabricated steel building solutions for commercial and residential properties. Faisal roofing solutions is the best in the industry prefabricated steel buildings manufacturers. Prefabricated steel buildings are made up of pre-engineered steel. Fabrication is done in a factory- controlled environment and an automatic process of steel component production is involved.

At Faisal roofing solutions, we are dedicated towards customer satisfaction to the fullest. Our prefabricate offices are modular offices and custom- built office spaces with immense structural strength and we ensure that the office space is fully optimized. We reconfigure the office spaces making them cost-effective and multifaceted. We declutter for you and create an office space which work best for you. We make daily operation of office hassle free and convenient. Our office spaces are sound and temperature controlled as we use superior quality wall panels. Sturdy steel which are rust-proof makes it strong. Our prefabricated office building has all the qualities of a standard office, and we make everything from ceiling height, windows, doors tailored to meet the client’s choice and need. One important feature of our prefabricated office building is prewired which makes it easy to provide power to computers, A/V equipment’s and other devices. So, if your company needs a dedicated conference room as a controlled space for holding team meetings Faisal roofing solution is happy to help you.

In addition to various benefits a prefabricated office building offers an ambience which is quiet, enclosed, and an apt for working. It makes your workplaces and offices happening. It is an ideal option for company’s who are looking to optimize their office space and create an altogether modern office environment in the most cost-effective way. Our prefabricated office building offers more usable space within the same area. We also cater to last minute changes in design specifications and deliver it on time. We are a progressive prefabricated office building manufacturers and traders in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and thane. We are known for creating sturdy and beautiful office space solutions. We are committed to take our customer’s satisfaction to the next level.