Prefabricated Steel Buildings Manufacturers

prefabricated steel buildings manufacturers

Well, at Faisal roofing solution we firmly believe that construction of any building is done with optimism and to meet the future need. We believe that modern day construction is all about striking a perfect balance between the quality of raw materials, ease of use and its overall cost. Our prefabricated steel building solution is one of our highlights. We are India’s one of the leading prefabricated steel building manufacturers.

As the name indicates, prefabricated steel buildings are made up of pre-engineered steel. Our fabrication process is done in a factory- controlled environment and then sent to the actual site for assembly. Prefabricated steel buildings are best suited for industrial and commercial construction. They are also used as airport hangars, Parking garages, workshops, storage and warehouse etc. We, asPrefabricated steel building manufacturer are known for the structural strength and finest aesthetic of our creation. Some of the winning features and the benefits of our prefabricated steel building are:

*Strength and durability

Our prefabricated steel buildings last for years. They are corrosion resistant and non-combustible. They can withstand harsh weather condition, strong winds, heavy rainfall and rains etc.

*Superior quality

We offer quality assurance for all our steel building. We follow building codes and quality compliance.

*Portable and lightweight

The modular panels are can be easily moved as they are light weight. This allows for flexibility in construction.

*Environment friendly

As steel is 100% recyclable, it can be reused for many other building construction again and again.

*Easy installation and assembly

Our panelised and modular units are easy to install and assemble.

*Ease of maintenance

Our rust proof steel is east to clean and are bug and termite resistant.

*Insulated against outside environment

Our steel building is insulated thereby reducing electricity cost.

Not only in steel and metal building construction, we are also a well- known poultry farm shed manufacturers. A detailed description of our poultry farm shed is given in the next blog. Well, let’s look at some additional features of our steel and metal building structure. Similar to prefabricated steel building we also manufacture prefabricated metal building which are used for warehouses, agricultural purpose, airport terminal, cold storage etc. Our prefabricated metal buildings are constructed with a steel frame system which supports a metal roof and wall panels. We take into consideration the requirements of our clients, and also keep in mind the local building codes, environmental factors, potential load problems etc.

Well, there are a few important aspects to consider while constructing a prefabricated metal building. They are:

1.Size and weight of component

2.Space between bearing points

3.Slope of roof

4. Live, dead, collateral loads

5.Wind uplift

6.Bay spacing

7. Deflection

We, as a modern prefabricated metal building manufacturers use state-of -the art computer technology like computer aided design for 3D design. This has made our construction process futuristic, efficient, cost-effective and much easier. Let’s look at the application areas of prefabricated metal building:


For heavy and light industries prefabricated metal building are used.

2. Agricultural

It is used as safe storage space for agricultural equipment, livestock etc.

3.Fire stations

It is an affordable method for creating public works buildings like fire stations.

4.Warehouse and storage

The goods stored under a strong and durable prefabricated metal build are safe from pests outside elements and environmental factors.

5. Sports and recreational complex

Metal buildings are durable and allows for maximum expansion, so they ae ideal for creating huge sports complexes and recreational facilities.

Faisal roofing solution has proven it’s worth as dedicated prefabricated metal building manufacturers and aims at achieving customer’s satisfaction the fullest. We also aim for reducing the human and labour errors. As our components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, we take extreme care and precautions needed to reduce the human errors. Besides this, material costs, labour costs, construction time are reduced as compared to the conventional method of construction. Our prefabricated metal buildings can be expanded and customized to meet the customers requirements. Damages can be repaired easily; new sections can be created to the existing structure. The beauty of prefabricated metal buildings lies in the fact that it takes less time to design, erect and maintain such creation. They can be adapted to suit a wide variety of application. Our expert team of engineers takes into consideration all factors like environment, durability, flexibility, design, appearance etc. They pre-calculate each component for precise design and measurements. Technology has made the construction of the prefabricated metal buildings much more advanced.