Prefabricated Warehouse Building Manufacturers

prefabricated warehouse building

As the name indicates, a warehouse is a building for storing goods or bulk produce. The stored goods can include things lie raw materials, spare parts, components, packing material, finished goods or any other thing associated with agriculture, manufacturing, and production. Like any other prefabricated structure, a prefabricated warehouse building is constructed in a factory- controlled environment and then transported to the actual site for assembly and installation. Faisal roofing solution, is one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated warehouse building in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Owing to the increased demand from our client, we present to our customers best quality, durable prefabricated warehouse building at an affordable price range. Let’s look at some of the highlighting features of our prefabricated warehouse building.

*Superior quality pre-engineered steel structure is used which makes it strong and durable.

*Earthquake and strong wind resistant with high anti-distortion capacity

*Water proof and energy conserving structures.

* Long lasting and durable

*Modern construction techniques used makes our prefabricated warehouse building ready in no time.

*Customized according to client’s requirements

*Foundation and site work is done side by side the prefabrication work, hence takes less time to erect.

*Shorter construction time leads to low labor costs and good return on investment for the client.

*Easy assembly and installation.

Our prefabricated warehouse building is made up of steel beams, columns, truss and other elements made of steel. The parts are connected to each other by bolts, joists, rivets, etc. We construct our prefabricated warehouse building much faster. We manufacture safe, reliable prefabricated warehouses buildings. Apart from prefabricated warehouse buildings we also construct prefabricated labor colony. A prefabricated labor colony is built to provide shelter to the migratory workers working for a construction project. We have all the needed expertise for manufacturing prefabricated labor colony. Our steel based modular labor camps are provide safe accommodation for laborer working at the construction site.

These prefabricated structures be it a labor colony or a warehouse building are cost-effective along with being safe and comfortable. One of the striking features of our prefabricated warehouse building is that it saves time on capital expenditures and set up time. These prefabricated buildings are functionally superior and satisfy all the storage needs. They can be used to store a variety of products like agricultural produces, automobile spare parts, groceries, chemicals, cloth merchandise etc. One another advantage of prefabricated warehouse is that it is available in desired sizes and can be customized as per the requirement.

As a prefabricated warehouse manufacturer, we ensure that the ventilators, doors, windows, ceiling, rooms can be customized as per requirement. We are an environment friendly manufacturers of prefabricated warehouse building and our materials can be put to maximum use. Thus, sustaining the environment. Our steel building can be reused again and again and can be recycled. It can be used as a temporary and instant warehouse solution if your permanent warehouse is not functional or under maintenance. They are simple looking structure yet strong, reliable and fulfill all your storage need.

We, as a modern-day prefabricated warehouse manufacturer, ensure that our warehouses are of superior quality and delivered to the customers on time as and when they desire. We understand that every commercial, industrial, agricultural establishment requires storage space for their various kinds of wares. A prefabricated warehouse is a handy solution. It’s an ideal choice for customers with flexible storage requirements. They can be quickly dismantled and relocated. Our prefabricated warehouse building is made from steel which is in the form of interlocking poles and pipes. They are then welded together to create a tall and durable frame for the cladding and roof to be fixed to.

Now, let’s look at some of the applications of a warehouse building:

1.Distribution center

They store goods for a short period of time and also offer packaging services.

2.Cold storage

It stores temperature sensitive items at low temperatures like medicines, cosmetics, perishable food etc.

3. Seasonal or temporary warehouse

They are built for a sudden need like spike in sales and provide extra space.

4. Smart warehouse

It uses automation systems and technologies to receive products, pick them for orders, ship them and maintain accurate inventory count.

5. Spare parts and equipment warehouse

It stores agricultural equipment and industrial spare parts.

There can be many more types of warehouse building offering many services. If you are looking for a best in the industry prefabricated warehouse manufacturers Faisal roofing solution is a preferred choice. We offer our client best quality at an affordable cost.