Decking Sheet Manufacturers (DS-953)

In addition to this, an effective spanning of the roofs can be greatly achieved by using these sheets for Roof Decking. With these decking sheets, a strong solid base can be provided in any situation without using purlins or framing underneath the roofing. By using the perfect combination of Roofing Sheets and Roof Decking Sheets, the durability and strength of the whole roof are considerably enhanced.

Thickness: 0.80MM, 0.91MM, 1.2 MM
Width: 960mm
Material of Construction: Roof Decking Sheets are excellent materials to cover the roof and are capable to withstand various types of loads, therefore superior quality of raw materials are only used to design these sheets. Materials like steel, aluminium or the alloys are important base materials for a robust construction. For offering excellent insulation the metal sheets are sandwiched between insulating polymers like polyurethane and polystyrene.
Design Considerations: These are following design considerations that we put to manufacture these sheets: 1. Adhesion, fixing or ballasting are notable design factors for long lasting capability 2. Materials chosen are fire proof 3. Well designed to bear extra loads 4. Condensation risk is also the designing factor 5. Designed to provide better insulation 6. Able to fulfill the acoustic requirements 7.Whole design is compact and light in weight 8.Designed meticulously in conjugation with the aesthetic importance
Material: Galvalum, Aluminium
Length: As per order required
Application: Chemical Plants, Cement Industry, High storey buildings, Office buildings, Multiplexes

Greater loading capacity
Excellent design
Uncluttered appearance