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poultry farm shed manufacturers

Poultry farming is a kind of animal husbandry which raises domesticated or commercial birds such as chickens, ducks, goat, cows, buffalos etc. to produce meat, eggs, and milk. Although poultry farm is used for raising birds like chicken and ducks, it is also used as shed for animals like cows, buffalos etc. Earlier poultry farming was primarily used for domestic purpose. Since independence poultry farming in India has evolved from being unorganized sector to a much more structured, planned, profitable agriculture-based business sector. Faisal roofing solution is one of the best poultry farms shed manufacturers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

In the recent years specially during the covid-19 pandemic outbreak the demand for protein rich diet has spurted and the poultry farming business has shown an upward trend. A well-built poultry farm shed protects the birds and animals living beneath it by giving them a hygienic habitat. We, as poultry farm shed manufacturers are committed towards providing the best suited sheds for birds and animals.

India has a huge market for poultry farm business and if you are looking for the best poultry farm shed in the industry, we are more than happy to help. Like any other shed construction there are few important factors to consider and certain processes involved. A thorough knowledge of the breeds of birds, animals and their vital living condition is important for proper rearing of the birds and animals living under the shed. We as a poultry shed manufacturers follow certain steps for designing and constructing our sheds. The various steps are as follows:


It involves deciding the location, foundation and the environment where the shed is to be constructed. The shed s must have good ventilation for light and air. It must be away from residential and industrial area and must be built on an elevated place.

2.Cost estimation

It involves cost of labor, equipment, material, electricity, water, maintenance etc.


The layout should allow for proper ventilation. Sheds are designed in such a way that outside people do not come near the birds. The direction of the farm shed should be east-west as it provides good light and heat. We as a farm shed manufacturers decide carefully on the length, height, width of the farm shed depending on the number of birds and animals living under it. It should not be cluttered and should be comfortable and spacious.


All the parts of the shed like roof, side walls, panels, doors etc. are constructed off-site in a factory-controlled environment and then sent to the actual site for assembly and installation.

Our sheds are designed in such a way that it has the apt temperature for rearing birds. The temperature of the environment is maintained at 22-30 degree centigrade. The relative humidity is maintained at 30-60%. This allows for optimum growth of the bird breed. Our sheds are environmentally controlled. Our sheds have an egg storage room, the feed storage room, office room. We design our sheds in such a way that it minimizes the movement of the people around the shed. We as a responsible poultry farm shed manufacturers care for the environment and also decide on the waste disposable methods. We, at Faisal roofing solution offer you the best quality poultry farm sheds at the best price. We follow the building codes and all local codes before constructing our poultry farm sheds. Our poultry farm sheds are engineered to be sturdier and they can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and storms etc. We are caring and concerned poultry farm shed manufacturers and ensure that unfortunate events like collapse due to heavy winds or rainfall do not happen. We design it to be robust as minimize the chances of collapse as we know that it could impact the safety of living beings taking shelter under it. Our farm sheds can also be used to store agricultural equipment and supplies. They are generally built in an isolated place away from human population and residential areas. We give importance to the foundation of our shed and consider it very essential. The foundation of our poultry farm sheds are 1-1.5 feet below or above the surface so that it prevents water seepage. The roof of the poultry farm sheds is around 3-5 feet and it prevents rainwater from entering the shed.

We customize as per your requirements and offer the best quality poultry farm shed at an affordable price. Our poultry farm sheds are best in the industry.