Prefabricated Shed Manufacturers

Prefabricated Shed Manufacturers

The new India is gearing up for an innovative and smarter era. In this modern era, construction and infrastructure industry is also evolving. There is a boost in the requirement of prefabricated sheds in the construction and infrastructure industry. A prefabricated shed is pre engineered or pre made in a factory-controlled environment, usually in standard sections, which comprises of exquisite design and lightweight steel and then transported to the actual site for assembly.

As one of the leading prefabricated shed manufacturers Faisal roofing solutions is setting benchmark by offering excellent roofing solutions to the industries of India. Our prefabricated sheds are being widely used as-

  • * Industrial shed
  • * Factory shed
  • * Farm shed
  • * Poultry shed
  • * Auditorium roofing shed

Our prefabricated sheds are tough and reliable and also gives a creative outcome as it uses customized software for designing. Faisal roofing solution is a renowned name as prefabricated shed manufacturers and suppliers in in Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the winning features of our prefabricated shed.

1.Superior quality and strength

We assure standard quality all along the manufacturing process. Our company has its own self-imposed quality control regimen. Our prefabricated sheds are made up of galvanized steel for maximum durability. They are treated with special coating which makes then unsusceptible to common problems like seepage, termite, infestation, rotting, rusting etc.


There is a reduced maintenance cost and an immense resale value. Such sheds are beneficial for businesses who require the structure for short period of time. Also, lesser construction time, easy assembly and a higher degree of automation leads to reduced cost of production.

3.Environment friendly

The material used in the shed can be recycled which makes them environment friendly.

4.Weather resistance

Our prefabricated sheds treated with special coating which protects it against elements like wind, rains, storms and snow for a longer period of time.

5.Modern and innovative

We use lightweight and durable material for construction so, it is easy to install as well as easy to dismantle. Also, they can be transported conveniently and assembled on the site itself. Relocation is easy. We also customize as per requirement.

Amongst many other products ranges, we also specialize as prefabricated industrial shed manufacturers in Navi Mumbai and Thane. Industrial shed are structural sheds used in industries to store raw materials or for product manufacturing. They are also used for warehouse, factories, go downs, workshops, storage plants etc.

The construction of industrial shed involves various steps like site inspection, planning, design, component fabrication, installation etc. The most important step is components fabrication, which should be of best quality for gaining and maintaining the standards and endurance.

We as dedicated prefabricated shed manufacturers, customize clients need for roof ventilation, insulation, roof panel, mezzanine floors etc. Our skilled and professional team lays out fabrication, designing, erection procedures with perfection. Our roofing sheets for industrial shed are UV protected to minimize colour loss. We also provide ventilation systems which helps providing exhaust of air continuously and maintains a healthy environment inside the shed. We also have a variety of roofing accessories like capping, cladding, gutters, flashings etc. We are committed for creating the best and strive for client satisfaction. We are continuously experimenting with innovative prefabrication ideas to deliver well-designed and modern floor plans. Our design simplification coupled with cost savings are best suited for prefab construction. The architectural designs and detailing of our prefabricated sheds are futuristic and inspired by modernism. The construction of Prefabricated sheds avoids the need to transport many skilled workers to the construction site. Time and cost is saved as assembly line technique is used and prefabrication is done at a location where skilled labour is available. This reduces the congestion at the assembly site and other restricting conditions such as exposure to harsh weather, lack of power, lack of water etc. our steel based prefabricated sheds and construction solution is an enabler in the growth of our country and aims moving our country to a smarter time and era. The prefabricated sheds are constructed in accordance with legal coded and housing and urban development codes. We maintain national and international quality and standards.

We maintain national and international quality and standards.