Prefabricated Industrial Shed Manufacturers

Prefabricated Industrial Shed Manufacturers

A specialized steel structural shed known as prefabricated industrial shed is one of our products. Our industrial sheds are used for warehouse, factories, go downs, workshops, storage plants, poultry farms, gyms, hangars, repair shops etc. These metal structures are designed and built on special technical calculations. A specialized software is used for designing the prefabricated industrial sheds. Our industrial sheds are customized as per the industry requirement. Faisal roofing solutions is creating a name for itself as one of India’s leading prefabricated industrial shed manufacturers.

The prefabricated industrial sheds comprise of the following main component-

  • 1 Column
  • 2 Strut
  • 3 Wind brace
  • 4 Canopy
  • 5 Nuts and bolts
  • 6 Frame
  • 7 Purlin
  • 8 Anchor rod
  • 9 Angle purlin connection
  • 10 Wall post column

Now, let’s have a look at the steps involved in construction of industrial sheds-

  • 1 site inspection
  • 2 Planning
  • 3 Designing
  • 4 Component’s fabrication
  • 5 Installation

We use the best quality for components fabrication for maintaining the standards, endurance and create a perfect prefabricated industrial shed. We follow a self-imposed quality control regimen and maintain standard quality as prefabricated industrial shed manufacturer. We use specialized and updated engineering software like ArchiCAD, Civil3D etc. According to national and international standards our prefabricated industrial sheds structures are designed, calculated and drawn. The final design is fixed in 3Dand animated to eliminate any defects and fix it before execution in order to avoid the costs of correction and rework.

For covering the interior and exterior body and roof of industrial sheds, various coating materials such as polyurethane sandwich panels, rock wool and polystyrene are used to avoid corrosion, decay and other damages.

Similar to the prefabricated factory shed manufacturers, the industrial sheds are designed using lightweight steel components and have height of 25-30 meters. The striking features of the prefabricated factory shed and industrial shed are same. Let’s look at some of the striking features of our prefabricated industrial shed

1.Convenient installation

Industrial sheds ate constructed using lightweight and durable material it is easy to install and dissemble. They can be transported conveniently and assembled on the site itself.

2.Efficient and timely solution

Use of technology and computer assisted designs helps to cut down the project time and improves efficiency of the structures.


Limitless options are available as these sheds are built in as per the area and custom made as per the requirement. There is a variety of layout available to fit any building specification.


The whole shed can be moved up and installed anywhere to accommodate new structures for transformation.

5.Weather resistance

These sheds can sustain high wind speed, rains, earthquake, snowfall and extreme temperature.

Well, we as a caring prefabricated industrial shed manufacturer do a lot for our customers. Our company work persistently with the customers and offer advisory services to lower the cost without compromising on the design. We study the requirement and present a suitable design preconstruction planning, consultancy and site services.

Not only this, our industrial sheds are useful proposition for many businesses. In the modern construction segment the it is in-demand and far better than traditional factory buildings. Over the last few years, they have become quite popular in construction industry. They are environment friendly and sustainable. These steel buildings leave behind far less waste than traditional ones. Much of the steel used in the construction can be recycled for other purposes. This ensures that the prefab industrial shed if dismantled in future will not deplete the environment.

Now, one may question the safety of the prefab industrial buildings. Well, they are very safe, in some cases even safer than traditional ones. Thanks to better technologies implemented in prefabs construction, and compliance with local building codes to the highest degree, prefabs are safe. Faisal roofing solutions is growing up as prefabricated industrial shed manufacturers including many other prefabricated products like farm sheds, factory shed, office building, auditorium sheds etc. Our skilled and professional team lays out fabrication, designing, erection procedures with perfection. Our team lays emphasis on all the important factors involved in the design and construction of industrial sheds which are-

  • * Length of shed
  • * Number of longitudinal frame
  • * Circular and complex
  • * Multi-opening sheds
  • * Load of crane if they are used in design and construction.

Due to the light weight of the structures, the light weight of the forces due to the weight of the dead load on the skeleton and the foundation of the shed and the metal structure is reduced and the bearing capacity of the structure increases in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, heavy rainfall and explosions etc. High quality sheets, more advanced and automatic welding machines, electrodes, welding wires ensures the higher quality of the connections of the sections, as a result, the structure has more strength. High quality and standard paint is used and automatic painting machines used for painting the sheds ensures standard paint thickness and high accuracy. After the paint dries the shed is ready to be loaded and transported to the construction site for installation of the shed.

We offer a wide range of prefabricated solutions line prefabricated factory sheds, farm sheds, poultry sheds, prefabricated industrial building, office building, auditorium sheds, and aim to create a better life for millions of people of India